Contraception & Birth Control Services

Your right to choose is not limited to abortion alone. An important part of family planning and your right to choose is the use of contraception and birth control to decide when you are ready to be pregnant Equity Clinic offers the full range of contraception and birth control options. We can walk you through the benefits and most effective use of each option so you can find which method works best for you. We want to do our part to prevent accidental pregnancies, so feel free to ask us any questions you have about your options.  

Contraception and Birth Control Options

When you come in for your visit, your healthcare provider will review your medical history in order to determine which birth control options are safe for you. Here is a list of options that we offer our patients: 

  • Birth control pills 
  • Latex and non-latex condoms 
  • Emergency contraception  
  • Contraceptive patch 
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs) 
  • Arm implant 
  • Vaginal ring 
  • Birth control shot

Contraception and Birth Control FAQ 
Please check out our favorite website:  There you can learn about all of the options available and the “pros and cons” of each option. They also have patient interviews you can watch so you can hear directly from other patients about what options other people do and do not like and why they do and do not like them. We want you to make as informed of a decision as possible and reviewing this website can help you do so.  

Does birth control prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections?  
Most do not. Some STDs are spread by skin-to-skin contact and others are spread by contact with infected bodily fluids. Most forms of birth control do not prevent this kind of contact and so condoms should be used regardless of birth control method to prevent exposure to Sexually Transmitted Infections.